OEM Mazda MPV Parts and Accessories

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The 2006 Mazda MPV was the last year for the second generation and the end of its production. It was available in three trim levels, including the LX-SV. When you need new OEM MPV parts, we offer a large selection of parts and accessories for your Mazda. All of our OEM Mazda parts are made to be exact fit replacement parts.

  • - Air Filters – The air filter should be changed at some point in the life of your vehicle. It may need to be changed more often if you live on a dirt road or drive highway miles, as it prevents dirt from entering your engine. We have replacement filters like these and other maintenance items.
  • - Suspension – If you are going to have a smooth ride, your suspension needs to be sound. Shocks and struts wear out, so if you start to feel the road, then replace suspension parts. We carry these parts and others like axles and hubs.
  • - Cooling System – Your MPV runs cool because the radiator and water pump do their job and send fluids to the engine. If you notice your engine overheating, you might have a bad pump, a stuck thermostat or something else wrong with the cooling system. We have these parts and more.

When you buy your Mazda parts from us, you save money. We offer wholesale pricing, and all of our parts are shipped using fast, affordable shipping. Use the handy order form and buy your new parts today.