OEM Mazda B4000 Parts and Accessories

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The 1995 Mazda B4000 truck is a fourth generation truck that was offered in three transmission choices, including a part-time 4WD option. It was powered by a 2.0, 2.2 or 2.6 engine. When you need to replace the parts on your truck, we have a large selection of OEM B4000 parts to choose from.

  • Cabin Filter – If you live on a dirt road or have a long highway commute, you might need to change your cabin filter more often since it is subject to more dirt and debris. We have replacement air filters, cabin filters and oil filters.
  • Gaskets and Seals – A gasket will keep your engine parts from leaking, so check any of your gaskets for wear. We have replacement gaskets, seals and other parts.
  • Heater – If you notice the heater blowing cold air, you might need a new coil or other heater parts. We have these parts and other HVAC parts.

We help you save money on your parts by offering you wholesale pricing and fast, affordable shipping. Buy your new OEM Mazda parts today.