Top 7 Mazdas You Can Import From Japan

You may or may not be surprised to know that your fellow Mazda drivers in Japan don't always drive the same models we do here in the good ol' USA. Here at Real Mazda Parts, we were more than a little curious about the vehicles you can't get (at least not unless you are willing to import it yourself). The result of that curiosity? This new graphic.

Top Mazda Imports

It's not just the names of these Japanese Mazdas that we love. It's also those small and not-so-small features that get our interest too. A solar-powered cabin cooling system? Yes, please!

On a serious note though, importing a Mazda from Japan is doable. There are plenty of rules and regs that must be followed, but it's not an impossible process. Namely, the vehicle must be at least 25 years old. This article on AutoWeek and this article on Jalopnik both provide some good insight should you decide you want to take on the task. 

Tell us - would you import a Mazda from Japan?

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