Plasti-Dip Inspiration For Mazda Fans

Plasti-dip is a substance intended to protect surfaces from the damages of winter — but auto enthusiasts have started using it in all-new ways. After a few people discovered the versatility of plasti-dip, it turned into a full-blown trend amongst enthusiasts looking for easy appearance mods. Here are a few pieces of inspiration for using plasti-dip on your Mazda.

Plastidip mazda 1

2010 Mazda3

This Mazdaspeed3 full bolt-on, lowered, and turbo’d ride is a simple but awesome example of plasti-dip done right. The flat black monochromatic color combo is sinister-looking, to say the least. (Get more Mazda3 accessory inspiration.)

Plastidip mazda 2

Blaze Orange Plasti-Dip Wheels

The blaze orange plasti-dip wheels really set off the white paint on this Mazda. It might not be everyone’s taste, but deciding on this color was a bold choice.

Plastidip mazda 3

Hot Pink Mazda6

Speaking of bold, this Mazda started its life in a humble neutral shade before being transformed into the hot pink car it is now. This is one car you’re never going to lose track of — that’s for sure!

Plastidip mazda 4

Vinyl Wrap Plasti-Dip Wheels

Black plasti-dip wheels were added to set off this vinyl wrapped Mazda3. This customized ride is one of the best examples of DIY done right!

Plastidip mazda 5

Mazda6 Emblem

This is a great example of subtlety when using plasti-dip. It also demonstrates how easy the product is to use without damaging the paint. These guys even choose to do the plasti-dip mod with the emblem on the car!

Plastidip mazda 6

Plasti-Dipped Door Handles

Another tasteful DIY project with plasti-dip. This little appliance mod sets off the white paint with black door handles. Such a simple change, but it really makes the car stand out.

Plastidip mazda 7


A Collection Of Miatas

There are SO many Miatas rocking plasti-dip that it was hard to choose — she here’s a few of the boldest we found.

Plastidip mazda 8

Plastidip mazda 9

Plastidip mazda 10

Plastidip mazda 11