Mazda Power Windows Not Working

Oh no, not another drive-thru or toll booth! Is that cop going to pull me over and now I have to explain through my closed window why it’s still closed? Here we go again…life with a malfunctioning window can be rough. Here are the steps to identify and fix common Mazda power window issues.

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Step 1: Check The Fuse

Find the interior fuse box, usually around the dash and door jamb — then check for blown fuses. A bad fuse will have a break in the metallic strip. Replace any blown fuses and see if that fixes your issue.

Step 2: Identify Loose Wires

Check all of the wires running from the window control switch and fuse box — makes sure everything is tight and clean. Also, check for split wires and signs of physical damage.

Step 3: Inspect The Motor

The most common issue with power windows is the motor itself that controls the glass. Remove your door panel and insulation to expose the motor. Then, test the wires from the motor with a voltmeter and replace the motor if needed. Follow the directions included with the new motor and replace the insulation and door panel.

Further issues might be within the switches themselves and the block may need to be replaced. This is usually the case if one side can control the windows but not the other. At other times, the BCM, or body control module, may be going bad and be causing window issues. When this happens, other accessories like the radio or moonroof will also malfunction — malfunctions are usually intermittent before permeant failure when it’s the BCM to blame.

If you are stumped by the problem, be sure to always take your Mazda to a certified Mazda mechanic to conduct further diagnosis. When replacing any parts, ensure that you or your mechanic uses genuine Mazda parts to prevent premature failure or damage to other parts.