How To Replace Mazda Brake Rotors

Every disc brake system comes with rotors. If it were up to us, rotors would remain in great shape forever. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. You have to replace your rotors every now and then.

If you determine that you have bad rotors on your Mazda, you will need to replace them as soon as possible. Luckily, a rotor replacement is an easy DIY job with the right tools and this guide.

First, look up your Mazda here and then order OEM replacement rotors. Even if just one of your rotors is bad, you still need to replace the other one. Rotors always have to be replaced in pairs to ensure even braking performance.

Once you have your replacement rotors, take the steps outlined below to replace them.

A List Of All The Tools You’ll Need

To replace your rotors, you just need a few basic tools. We recommend having a few extra tools to make this project much easier. Here’s a complete list of the tools you’ll need to ensure that the job goes as smoothly as possible:

  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • 17mm socket
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Breaker bar
  • 7mm Allen key
  • Mallet
  • 10-100 ft-lb torque wrench

Step-By-Step Instructions For Replacing Your Brake Rotors

Mazda oem rotors

The steps might vary a little between models. Even though this set of instructions is based on the Mazda 3 model, it should still be easy to follow with another Mazda model.

  1. Loosen the lug nuts on the pair of wheels you'll be working on. You can just loosen them by 1/4 of a turn.
  2. Jack up one end of the vehicle and then support it with jack stands.
  3. Undo the lug nuts on a wheel and then set them aside.
  4. Pull off the wheel to see the rotor.
  5. With a flat head screwdriver, pop off the spring clip. IMPORTANT: wear safety goggles! The spring-clip may fly off and it can hit you in the eyes.
  6. Look behind the caliper and then remove the two plastic dust caps.
  7. With a 7mm Allen key, remove the caliper bolts.
  8. Slide the caliper off of the rotor and then either hang it to the side with a wire or a bungee cord or prop it up with a box or something else. Never let it hang loosely because it'll put a strain on the brake line.
  9. Remove the 14mm caliper bracket bolts, then remove the caliper bracket.
  10. Slide off the old rotor.
  11. Slide on the new rotor and then re-install the brake components in the reverse order of removal.

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